Committed (Part 2)

16a064c76cdd76c04b44374690f41f47On my first day of being at the State Hospital, I met with a lot of doctors. They do a full medical work up when you first come to make sure you’re physically healthy. The docs soon learned I was a difficult case. My TBI proved to be a complication in my mental health treatment… Yippee…

It was a lot of trial and error on finding the correct treatment, but eventually found one that kind of worked. The psych doc changed all my meds and upped them of couple times. I spent the first four days hiding out in my room. I had four of my episodes my first night, so my mattress was on the floor. Not very comfy.

The only reason I did come out was because a fellow peer dragged me out of my room. I’m an introvert and she is an extrovert, so we worked perfectly together. She talked and I listened. It may not seem like that is much of a change, but it got me out of my dark room and out among people.

I didn’t converse with anyone but my new friend, D. She of course talked with everybody, so I just kind of became her shadow and observed. Eventually, I became comfortable enough to make small talk with a couple new people. I hate small talk, so that took a lot for me to do.

It’s amazing how sane places like that can make you seem. There were quite a few delusional people who thought they were in the FBI, or whatever. But the craziest thing was that other people were actually believing their stories. That lead to complications in the gullible patients because they became convinced that the hospital was just a safe house. They believed they were in a safe house because the patient that claimed to be FBI, said they were just getting paperwork ready for witness protection for all of us.

Oh my gosh… I couldn’t help but laugh to myself…

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The story of this rock…

If you ever see me, I will have this rock. Either in my pocket or in my hand. I am never ever without it. People give me strange looks when they find me fidgeting with a rock, and I want to tell its story.

On September 2nd, 2014, I had been in IPC for four days. My doctor, Dr. Blodgett, sat down with me in his office and we were chatting about what I am going to do today. This was the second time I have seen Dr. Blood get, the first time was when I was in the surgical ward for malnutrition. During the first stay, we had gotten to talk about my likes and dislikes and so on. One of the things I mentioned was that I absolutely adore petrified wood.

So, while we were chatting in his office, he reached into his bag and pulled out this rock. He said that his wife collects rocks and gave this one to me to keep. She had found it thirty years ago and it was rock tumbled through the river. Which means the rock was naturally polished and in its true form. He let me touch it and gave it to me when I was released from IPC.

Since then, it has been very dear to my heart. It is kind of like my lucky charm or my worry stone as my great grandfather would call them. I take it every where with me and I hold it in my hand when I am anxious or stressed. I love it. I don’t know if this interests you, but I find it helps to bring my anxiety down. Which I will do anything that helps.