Job Interviews and Spring Cleaning

Yup… That is what I am doing today. I’ve got a couple job interviews and I’m doing a bit of spring cleaning. So, nothing fun. One of the interviews is going to be a ride along for a paper route. I’m really hoping to get that job so I can maybe do the route on my bike.

I have been bike 20 miles every day lately. I have been loving it. It’s  good distraction from life because it doesn’t cost anything to do. I don’t have to worry about gas, just if I am hydrating enough. The only thing is that I can’t find the leash attachment to my bike, so I can’t take Noble with me. I’m thinking that I could just make a leash that will work till I can afford another one.

Other than the interviews, bike riding, and cleaning, I haven’t been doing much. I am still recovering from my most recent overdose. It has nearly destroyed my kidneys and damaged my liver. So, I’m having weekly blood draws to check my liver and kidney functions. Yippee… My arms are all bruised up because of how many blood draws I’ve had…


The Bad Stuff…

I promised to fill you guys in on the bad stuff going on today, so here goes… 

The majority of it is finances. The cost to stay in the psych hospital in $10,000 a day and I was there for ten days with two ER trips and an EEG. So I have some pretty big bills coming my way. I had my social working on getting me some health insurance, but just found out I don’t qualify for any that she can find. Stupid.

Now I have started the process of finding and applying to health insurance companies that I can find. So, in swamped with paperwork. While I was about to print some crucial information for my applications, our printer crashed. Now I have to find some way to finish the application before time runs out.

I am still looking for a place of my own, so I have been picking up even more applications for the past couple weeks. The only thing is that I have to get Noble licensed by the city. I didn’t know I had to. I went online to get him licensed, but turns out that my town still uses snail mail. I sent his paperwork out today, but it will probably be a while.

It is way past my bedtime, so I’m gonna leave it at that and call it a night. I will pick up where I left off on Thursday. 

Exciting News!!

First of all… I start my new job tomorrow. I am so freaking excited. I will be working with my brother in law and he has been so amazing. He has been helping adjust to my temporary life with out a service dog. To ease my anxieties, he showed me where I will be working, where I will park, what I will be doing, when my lunch break is, and so on. I really love that guy. 

The awesome thing is that his supervisor has put him in charge of my training. Now that is a total God thing. I know God has got my back. He will never let me be alone and confused. I know that my brother in law will take good care of me. I think that the only reason that my parents are allowing me to follow through with this job is because he is there.

In other fantastic news, I got a puppy. He was born Saturday, so I won’t get to take him home till October 1st. The fact that I was able to find one is a miracle in itself because everybody around here won’t have pups ready till the spring. My dad new a guy who breed labs from his cadaver and search and rescue dogs. He looked him up and sure enough, he had four available pups. 

This is the whole litter and the momma. She had thirteen pups I think. They kind of look like hairy piglets right now, but they will get cuter as they age. It seems that something good did come out of this tragedy with Keen. It’s true when they say that when one door closes, God opens two more. He sure did that for me. I still have to quit my job at the kennel tomorrow, so I’m praying that goes well. I will let you know how tomorrow goes whether it be that night or the following one.

Busy Busy 

I’m sorry I haven’t written in a while. I have been really busy. First things first, I started another blog. The blog is called Keen4Abbie and it is meant to be more of a service dog based blog. I am going to continue writing on this blog as well, but feel free to check my new one out and follow me! I’ve only got a few posts done so far, but I’m getting there.

The next thing that has happened this week is I got a new job!!!! YAY!! I haven’t started working yet because I have to go in a pick a place to put him, but I did get the job. It is the painting job that I talked about earlier. It took a week before I heard anything because the owners wanted to make sure Keen was covered by their insurance. I would have never thought of that.

It’s a pretty physical job, and I’m excited for the hard work. My plane is to start with three hour shifts for the first two weeks because I have to work my notice at my current job. That works out because Keen and I probably need to take it slow at first so that he and I get used to it. I am so excited!!

Last, but not least, I applied for college and I just heard from them a couple days ago. I’m going to go next fall, but the admissions forgot that so they were all freaking out because I’m not taking the ACT till September. Surprisingly, I was on the phone with them on and off yesterday to get everything sorted out. I am so proud of myself! I never ever answer my phone and this time I was making the calls. Eek! So excited!

Anyways, I think that is most of what has happened this week. I am currently very happy with the way my future is turning out. Very Happy. 

Another Vest and Possibilities

I am going to start with the boring stuff first. I applied for college. I had a much needed talk with a friend and I decided to go to college. That is next fall. For the next year, I am going to be saving up and hopefully getting some financial stuff figured out. I am going to go to a four year college and get my business degree. That way I can be my own boss doing what I love.

How am I going to get money to save for college? Not positive yet, but my brother in law works for a painter (not the fun artsy kind of painter) and he is gonna see if he can get his boss to hire me. He apparently had a coworker that would bring in his dog sometimes, so it shouldn’t be that big a problem that I bring my SERVICE dog. I guess we’ll see. I am a bit excited for the job eventhough I know it’ll be hard work, but I’m trying not to get my hopes up.

As for the vest… I got Keen a new vest. I have had my eye on it for a while and finally got it. He has two mandatory vests; a summer one and a winter one. His summer one is the same vest that he came with and it was just getting run down. It went through a freak accident a while ago and the front strap was severed. It is now at the point when going out in his old vest is a little embarrassing. So I got him a new one.

This vest takes a few minutes longer than his other ones because it has straps instead of clips, but I don’t mind. It took me three and a half hours to sew all his patches on. I did it by hand, so my arm is sore today. He was a little unsure about it at first, but I think he is starting to get the hang of taking it on and off. I love this vest because it has a handle AND pockets. Very hard to find.