Off The Grid

I have been completely spacing writing on my blog the past couple weeks. I have been extremely busy during the holidays. I’ve been working with Noble on public access everyday, which takes about an hour from my day. He has been doing awesome.

I have also been busy looking for an apartment. My family is going to be moving out of the house we are currently in, so I decided it was perfect timing for me to move on. I thought job hunting was hard, but house hunting is proving to be much more difficult with a dog.

I had a friend that was willing to get an apartment with me, but she bailed. So, I have to find a place that I alone can afford. I am growing impatient. I want to move out NOW. I want to be truly independent. I want to be an adult that can fix her own problems.

I guess we’ll see how this turns out. I’m praying that I can get a place before January ends, but that may be unrealistic.


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