Hate It When I’m Busy

Yet again… I forgot to write last week. I really don’t like it when that happens. I don’t like it when my routine is broken. Nevertheless, it has. Therefore, I have to make a new routine to fit all of my activities into one day. 

I have a dog training class mondays and then take Noble to a store to train right after work. So, I’m out till 5 and then I take a shower, eat, and then sleep. That is all I have time for. I really wish the day was longer just two hours longer would be fantastic. But that isn’t gonna happen anytime soon.

I had my work Christmas party Friday. It was a lot of fun and I accidentally got buzzed. I ordered a virgin Shirley temple, but waitress was so busy that she gave me an alcoholic one. I didn’t notice it until I was two drinks in and felt all warm and fuzzy. My boss will laugh so hard when he hears that my sister and I got buzzed… oh I can hear the jokes already.

I am strung out extremely thin on everything. I got just about everybody I know Christmas presents. That is until I got a text from an old high school friend that they want to do a secret santa thing. I told her I can’t afford it and she said I could make something. I said that I don’t have time and she laid on the guilt… at least she tried. I don’t feel bad because I got everybody I love and care about presents already. Oh well…

Anyways, I will try my best to keep up on posts, but the holidays are keeping me busy. I’ve got some awesome news to share, but I will have tell you guys later because it will be a long post. Love you guys and happy holidays!

Here more about Noble’s progress at Noble Devotion


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