Stuck In The Past and Costumes

You know how people say, “Dont be stuck in the past look towards the future, and all the good things life can bring.” Well, I am one of those people who are “stuck in the past.” 

I met with my friend Jo-Jo for lunch Sunday and we have discovered why we are stuck in the past. The only stories we ever tell other people are stories from our childhood. The stories from the summer before 7th was especially memorable.

Anyways, the reason why we only ever tell stories about our past is because that was when we were both somewhat healthy. Those were days when we could handle sleepovers and staying up past eight o’clock. The days when we could ride our bikes two miles everyday to have a picnic in the park and get candy at the store. My bestie and I made the decision then that we won’t be ashamed of living in the past because the only way we can keep moving forward, is if we can hang on to the good days.

We have to know that there is still a chance of being healthy. A chance of the thoughts of insanity stopping and us being legitimately happy. Happiness that goes all the way to the core. We had some good times in the past and I love to relive it.

Now for something a bit more cheery, today is Halloween and I was determined to dress up. My family doesn’t celebrate Halloween, but I won’t turn down an opportunity to dress up. I had to come up with a costume that I could get dirty at work, so I decided on a hobo.

I got all the stuff at the last minute and it all turned out a lot better than I thought it would. This is the first costume that has actually worked. I am pretty proud of myself. 


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