Dealing with bullies and going to college 

The title may be confusing seeing how I am not going to college, but a friend took me to her astronomy class. Oh my gosh fun! I am very academic and love to learn. My friend was a little worried that I would be bored, but I was all in on the worksheets and class discussions. 
After her class, we went to a fantastic pizza place. The pizza was crunchy and greasy. Just the way I like it. Then, we went to a campus youth group and I awkwardly sat around while I waited for it to finally be over. Otherwise, it was a fun night.

As for the mention of a bully, I have been having issues with a 58 year old coworker (Let’s call him D). Sounds strange for a man of that age to be pickling on someone that is only 18 right? Well, he was picking on another coworker of mine (T) and I did not like it. He would yell at her to keep working and get up in her face about going slow when she was taking a quick break.
Last week, I came in to D being in t’s face again. So, I stomped over there and got D’s face a told him to “Knock… It… Off.” Ooo I was mad (Doesn’t help that I was already having a crappy day). Since then, he has been passive aggressive about calling me stupid and me being a slacker. I came home today, so angry I was gonna cry and my mama told me what I have to say.
It may sound stupid for me to ask my mom what to say, but when I get angry or nervous enough, I cannot speak. That is one of the areas that my brain was affected by my TBI. Let me put it this way: My mouth and my brain have a weak connection. When I get worked up, my brain is processing so fast that there is typos and missing words. So at times, there I will get tongue tied and not be able to form any sensical words.
If I’m gonna confront anyone with dignity, I have to be prepared. I also have to be prepared for when/if I get tongue tied. So, my mom helped me prepare to defend myself. Hopefully it all goes well.


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