Captain Abbie?

Well… I’ve got a new nickname at work… Captain Abbie. The reasoning behind it is that people like to ask stupid questions, and I know the answer to these stupid questions. Questions like, should we put these big boards on the bottom of the stack? Because I tell them to put it on the bottom, I am suddenly bossy.

I don’t see myself as being bossy, but maybe I am. That is when it comes to answering stupid questions… And my dog. So, maybe I am a bossy person! Oh well… This is gonna be a short post. I apologize for not posting much. My time has been chocked full. I really wish there were at least 2 more hours in the day. Now the days are getting shorter with winter approaching… Ugh. Just one more thing I’m not looking forward to.

One thought on “Captain Abbie?

  1. People react weirdly to competence :/ you’re just being (assertive? can’t remember the word) about something you know the answer to
    According to tumblr it’s more common among females but I don’t know if that’s true

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