Went To The Doctor

Well, I went to the doctor on Wednesday. I didn’t want to go, but my mom wouldn’t let me go to work unless I went to the doctor. It was actually my first time going alone. I should have been absolutely terrified, but I too exhausted to think.

I checked in and the front desk lady got me set up. About ten minutes later, the nurse came and took me to get all my vitals (I grew 3/4 and inch in three years. I think I have hit that point in my life where I stop growing). I then waited another ten minutes before an old doctor came in. He said that I have both a sinus and ear infection. Yay… She said sarcastically.

He prescribed me some strong antibiotics and sent me to check out while he called it in. I went to the front, but the lady wasn’t ready yet, so I waited a little bit longer. The lady was really nice and kept coming in and assuring me that she hadn’t forgotten about me. 

I am already a quiet person (extremely introverted), so when you have me sick, anxious, and tired, I say very little. And when I do talk, I say it quietly. So, I think the front desk lady thought I was not in a good mood… Or could tell I wasn’t feeling well. It was kind of like I was getting special treatment. It might have also been because of my age. People tell me that I look younger than I am.

Anyways, I went to the pharmacy to get my prescription, but I had to wait for the order to come through. So, I went to get a coffee to help fight a migraine. By the time I came back, my order was filled, but under the wrong birthdate. There was a typo that said my birthday was on the 33rd. The pharmacist then fixed the typo and then sent me on my way.

After the first dose of the meds, I was feeling much better. When I woke up Thursday morning, I finally felt like I got the full nights sleep I needed. So, I went to work yesterday and today and was able to accomplish everything I was given. I am feeling so much better and I can finally hear out of my ear. Guess the antibiotics are working!


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