Noble’s Here!

Well… I finally got to take Noble home Friday. The same day that the chaos began. We had family over and then went to an all weekend conference for church. I had to take Noble with me because I couldn’t leave him at home for twelve hours without pottying him. So, everyone wanted to see him. 

I kept the fact that I brought him, a secret because I didn’t want the crowd. By the second day though, everyone knew because I brought him inside to show one of the speakers. He is a long time family friend and my mom really wanted me to show him. So, I ran in and plopped little Noble in his arms. 

When we went to pick him up from the breeder, he had gotten a bath and the guy had me hold him while we filled out some paperwork. Let me tell you what… He is definitely the one. He is so sweet and LOVES people. He also love to snuggle. When I hold him when he’s sleepy, he makes little oinking noises and chews on my hair. It’s so cute!

Potty training has been awesome so far. I have been letting him out to potty every hour and we only had one accident in four days. The only reason he did have an accident was because I forgot to take him out after he drank water. His current nickname is Piranha in the voice of the girl on Finding Nemo. He has spurts of ferocious chewing and just latches onto whatever he grabs. Whether it be your pants or your toes.

I am very happy with Noble and excited and terrified to continue our journey together.


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