Sick Day #2

Well… I called in sick today. I woke up at 11 last night with croup and as the night went on, I felt more and more like I was drowning. I haven’t had croup since I was seven or eight and it’s kind of scary. There is a cold going around and my dad and two siblings got it and were really congested. 

I only have a runny nose and a sore throat. Ha! I was like, “If this is the worst of it, I will be just fine!” Psych! Instead I just got the inability to breathe at all. Fun. It has cleared up an it after sitting outside in the rain for a bit and then taking a hot bath. If itflares up again though, I will have to go to the doctor.

Frankly, I want to avoid going to the doctor as best I can. I hate going to the doctor. But I dislike not being able to breathe even more. I also got Noble’s fence yesterday, but I wasn’t able to set it up cause it was raining. Now that I have some free time, I think I will set it up, despite it still raining. It’s metal so it doesn’t matter.

I also have my aunt and grandma arriving today. Yay… She said with sarcastic enthusiasm. I also decided not to wait till Saturday to get Noble. So, I will go pick him up at 5:30 pm tomorrow. YAY!! I’m so excited to finally get started. I’m tired of waiting.

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