I got to see the puppies today and guess what? We get first pick in the boys! All the other people who had made reservations were neutral to what sex they wanted, but they decided on girls when they saw them for the first time. Boo yah! 

This big boy is exactly what I said… Big. The breeder is pretty sure that he is gonna the biggest one out of the litter and I want him. When he first let him out, he just leaned against my leg and chilled out, while the rest of his litter mates were running around wrestling with each other.

I picked him up, cuddled him and he fell asleep instantly. I think he’s the one. He’s got the same mellow demeanor that I’m looking for, but we’ll see. We only have two more weeks left, so I guess we will see how he matures. I keeping my fingers crossed this time.

I also took my ACT today. It went well enough. My migraine came back half way through because I was grinding my teeth during the test. I was trying to stay conscious. That is why my face is red in the photo above. Although, all the puppy breath relieved the pain temporarily. My dad and I LOVE the smell of puppy breath. I know it may sound strange, but I can’t help it. 


3 thoughts on “PUPPIES!!

  1. Puppy breath smells like puppies! And puppies are amazing! I totally agree. And oh my god, the adorableness of those puppies! I have to admit, I’m jealous. Maybe at some point we’ll have to have puppies around the house, but that will have to wait until after we own our own place. In the mean time, I’ll just have to live vicariously through you talking about puppies!

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