Ice Cream and Coffee Night

My migraine hasn’t improved very much, but at least the vertigo is just about gone. It allowed me to work another full day. I still spent all day with my headphones and sunglasses on. After a bit, my coworkers stopped asking me questions because my max voice volume is a whisper. The vibrations of talking just hurts.

I don’t have any options of medication for my migraines because the last time I tried one, the side effects sent me to the hospital. So, my parents weren’t a fan of medication. Even though I need SOMETHING. These migraines are unbearable. Although, I do get a few days break since I got my daith piercing. 

Anyways, my only other option is caffeine. So, my little brother and I got some extreme moose tracks ice cream and coffee. We are gonna sit down and watch Lost as we binge on caffeine. It would be a lot more enjoyable if I didn’t feel nauseous. But it’s worth a try. I would even be willing to try drilling a hole in head to relive the pressure at this point… Ugh.  


3 thoughts on “Ice Cream and Coffee Night

  1. Hello there. I have a question. Do you own a smartphone, tablet, or MP3 player? If you do, you can download guided meditation apps and meditate. Or follow some YouTube videos, or download free MP3s or podcasts.

    You can also talk to a doctor about taking a natural supplement like 5-HTP, etc. Is there a therapist that you talk to? Another thing to you could do is take a guided meditation course at your therapist’s office. It’s better than medications.

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