Lots of Contemplating

When I’m at work, I write future blog posts in my head while I’m working. I really wish there was some kind of app that would type out your thoughts because I can never remember what I came up with. Occasionally, I’ll have a moment to write out the subject of the post and a little bit of content. 

But by the time I get home and get ready to write, I have now idea what the phrases or titles mean. I had written quite a few interesting posts in my head today… Bummer that I can’t share them with you. Maybe I will end up thinking the same thing later. Oh well…

Today was a good day despite me getting sunburned again and there being a screw up with the stain color this morning. I didn’t miss Keen quite as much. I still did, but it wasn’t overwhelming. It was quiet at work because there were only three of us today. I embraced it being the introvert that I am.

My brother in law and I are both introverted so when we stay later than everyone else, we don’t say anything. We even turn off the radio a so that we can actually think. When my boss comes in to tell us to start cleaning up, it usually scares me because I am so deep in thought.

I seem to have gotten my second wind (or fourth or six). I have come to terms once again with the loss of Keen (turning out to be a weekly thing), and ready to start the training of Noble, my new puppy. I don’t have him yet, but we are hopefully gonna see the puppies again this week. I’m excited. They will probably be twice the size they were two weeks ago.

I am probably gonna go to bed now so I will hopefully write again tomorrow. Otherwise, you will hear from me Thursday. I am sticking to my plan of writing Monday’s and Thursday’s. I think that was the plan…. Oh well, it is now. And of course there is always the option of me writing more often (like this week), but Monday’s and Thursday’s are definite.


2 thoughts on “Lots of Contemplating

  1. I feel you on the work thing. When I can work alone I generally like to tune out and focus. I like group projects well enough, but if I’m doing independent work, the headphones go on and I tune the world out. My mind runs better that way. Cuts out external distractions.

    It’s good that you’re getting ready for your new puppy. Sounds like it’s going to be quite the adventure!

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