Memory Stations

After my TBI when I was eight, I had to develop habits in order to remember things. I didn’t have much of a short term memory to rely on for the four years after the accident. It was so bad that when people were telling me to write something down, I couldn’t remember it long enough to put the word down on paper. So, I had to take it one… Letter… At… A time.

One of the habits I picked up was to always check for stuff that I put down before leaving the place that I was sitting. Took a lot of repetition, but now it’s second nature to check. The second habit (and probably the most important) is my memory station. 

Now this can be anything from a bench by the door, backpack, purse, or a box. The memory station is where I keep everything that I will need to have when I go somewhere. Naturally, my backpack was my memory station when I was in school. If I ever have anything that I will need to take with me, I put it immediately in my memory station. I have to do right when I’m thinking about it, or I will forget to put it in and then not have it when I leave.

Since I have a new job, I have new things that I have to take with me to work. So, I went and got myself a basket that I can fit everything in for work. That includes my roller pole, lunch box, sunscreen, gloves, mask, protein bar, waterbottle, and I think a few more things. 

I personally believe that everyone should develop these habits. My sister left her phone places more often than I did because she never checked to see if she put it down on the bench. My little brother always forgets something at home whether it be homework or his lunch because he didn’t put it all in one (constant) place. 

These habits have made my life so much easier and it would probably make life a breeze for “normal” people. It’s  funny how sometimes we end up with a positive effect from a terrible situation. I just thought I’d share this because I truly believe that those who don’t already know about it, could benefit from these tools.


3 thoughts on “Memory Stations

  1. This sounds like something I really need to do. I’ve had the worst memory every. I can have something in my hand, put it down, and then panic because I can’t remember where I put it literally two seconds before. It’s resulted in me taking more than everything I need with me when I go out, “just in case”, and then I still end up with things I don’t have when I need them. Like forgetting to bring my headphones last night. I really could have used them, even if just for a little while.

    I don’t know if I qualify as “normal”, but I’m betting this would be awesome for me. I might have to do it for our entire house. Maybe it will help me keep some order in the chaos.

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    • I have a basket or bucket for every thing I do. I put all my work stuff in a basket and that way all I have to remember is the basket. I also have a very systematic order of my stuff. I am very strict with myself about putting my stuff in the same spot every time. Otherwise I’m like you, not remembering where I just put something down.

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      • I really need to do that. I have a basket for my knitting and crochet, but I don’t have much for anything else. My plants have their spray bottle and the cup to water them right next to them. Anything else, I’m not so good at. That’s how I lost my glasses three times. I’m going to look into this. It could be so helpful!

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