Exciting News!!

First of all… I start my new job tomorrow. I am so freaking excited. I will be working with my brother in law and he has been so amazing. He has been helping adjust to my temporary life with out a service dog. To ease my anxieties, he showed me where I will be working, where I will park, what I will be doing, when my lunch break is, and so on. I really love that guy. 

The awesome thing is that his supervisor has put him in charge of my training. Now that is a total God thing. I know God has got my back. He will never let me be alone and confused. I know that my brother in law will take good care of me. I think that the only reason that my parents are allowing me to follow through with this job is because he is there.

In other fantastic news, I got a puppy. He was born Saturday, so I won’t get to take him home till October 1st. The fact that I was able to find one is a miracle in itself because everybody around here won’t have pups ready till the spring. My dad new a guy who breed labs from his cadaver and search and rescue dogs. He looked him up and sure enough, he had four available pups. 

This is the whole litter and the momma. She had thirteen pups I think. They kind of look like hairy piglets right now, but they will get cuter as they age. It seems that something good did come out of this tragedy with Keen. It’s true when they say that when one door closes, God opens two more. He sure did that for me. I still have to quit my job at the kennel tomorrow, so I’m praying that goes well. I will let you know how tomorrow goes whether it be that night or the following one.


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