Ruff Ruff ROUGH Day

When you owner train, or even get a service dog trained through a program, you may end up with that HORRIBLE decision to wash the dog out. I am currently facing that decision with Keen. 

My family is dog sitting a collie/Rottweiler mix for a friend, and he is the sweetest thing. The problem is that he has a bad habit of chasing things. EVERYTHING. If something makes a noise or it gets suspiciously quiet, he feels the need to chase… Something. Anything that moves.

So, our dogs have started some bad habits as well. Keen is already a very cautious dog, so when you add paranoia into the mix… It’s not good. I knew he was getting bad when he decided to chase ATV that was across the street. So, I started cracking down and had to put on the shock collar whenever he went out.

This morning, I had finished a very hot and boring shift at work. I had a headache, nausea, and exhausted. Keen had been in a kennel for two and a half hours, so I let him out of my truck and told him to go potty. That was where ai went wrong. I forgot about Keen’s paranoia and tendency to chase things. 

He got about ten feet away from me when he saw our neighbor out. I knew there was going to be a terrible outcome. Sure enough. Keen bit my neighbor on the leg and he had to fight Keen off with a gas can. I was devastated… And angry. I couldn’t believe he did that. And with his VEST ON!! That is a BIG no no.

I called my dad in a panic and he called my neighbor. He wasn’t hurt at all. Keen just scared him because he wasn’t acting like his usual self. The closest Keen has ever gotten to biting someone was giving a low rumble. Oh my gosh… I am utterly speechless.

I was crying on and off today,vSo my migraine is a lot worse and is now impairing my vision. I know that that was the last straw. It wouldn’t have been as big of a deal if he didn’t have his vest on. But he did. I am so terribly devastated. Just the thought of me having to rehoming him is just too much to bear. 

My parents say just wait and see if Keen’s behavior changes when the dog we are dog sitting goes home. But I know that was the last straw. I just can’t trust him anymore. Ugh… My heart is literally breaking. 


One thought on “Ruff Ruff ROUGH Day

  1. I’m so sorry to hear this, I don’t know anything about redirecting this kind of behaviour but do you think there’s a way to desensitise him or teach him to only be violent/chase under certain situations (e.g against toys)? I remember a video that redirected certain behaviours (probably bark) by teaching a command for it and then teaching them to do it on command but not at other times. *Preferred form of comfort* I hope everything goes ok for you two.


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