How it Went…

I had my interview Wednesday. I think it went pretty well. We decided to give a week trial to make sure everything will work out. Their worries were that Keen would get up and cause someone to trip, that the noise would be too much for him, and the fumes would bother him. Those are not my worries. I mean he has been to a middle school band concert and has been to a hair salon. He will do fine.

I’m just worried about whether or not I can do it. It’ll be hard work and I’m excited for it, but I have never done anything in the painting industry before. I don’t like having to learn new things. There is a higher chance of me doing something wrong… Yeah… That’s my anxiety talking. I know everyone makes mistakes when they learn something new, but the worry is still there.

My brother in law says that if those were the worries, that Keen and I will get the job. So I’m happy about that. The interview was actually the best one I have ever had. Half of it was spent telling the lady about service dogs and what it’s like to have one. She has a son who has type one diabetes and they were thinking about getting him a dog. 

It’s was quite the coincidence that I had just written a post on adjusting to life with a service dog on my blog, Keen4Abbie. So, I was really prepared for the conversation. I brought the information for the program that trained Keen so that she could verify Keen was a trained service dog if she wished. By the end of the interview, she said she was use the information to look into a dog for her son as well. BOO YAH! 

It went really well. I’m still excited. Usually by the end of the interview, I don’t want the job. Now, I want it more! Really excited for just about everything right now. That is a nice change.


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