Big Changes.

There are some big changes occurring in my life right now. I am going in tomorrow to figure out what I’m going to do with Keen at my new job. Basically, I got the job. Now the hard part is going to be quitting my current job. I’m really nervous because my boss depends on me so much. I am her only employee, so I feel like I am going to do her a great disservice by quitting and not telling her I was thinking of quitting.

Don’t get me wrong. I am giving her my two weeks, but I just really hate to do this to her. The thing that confirmed my needing to leave was when I went in to do chores and found a hound hanging from a kennel by her foot. The chain link was so rusted that she could pull it down from the top corner and she jumped through it. But she ended up getting her foot caught in the process. She ended up being fine, but my boss has not been taking care of her equipment. It is time for me to leave.

I finally got all the required information sent into the college so that they can finally process my application. With this new job, I will be make a LOT of money so that I can save up, and hopefully be able to pay for my first year of college. I’m really praying all my finances work out, but I plan to be prepared for the chance of me having to get a loan. Which I will eventually come to terms with the possibility.

I have still been pretty busy because my boss is going out again for a week and a half this time. She took last week off too. Ugh… I’m so glad that I am quitting. This post is looking like its gonna be more of a rant. I’ve been pretty stressed lately and it has been proven because I woke in the middle of the night to Keen freaking out. He was barking, whining, and licking my face. The usual things of him trying to get me out of a seizure. 

Keen has been a trooper. He has been working really hard to keep me on my feet. I have been making and receiving a lot of phone calls and they seem to be a trigger. I’m not quite sure why they are, but he spends most of his time on my lap giving me DPT. I am exhausted and have a big day ahead of me. I am going to go to bed and let you know how the interview goes.


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