Wanting to Write

I am wanting to write to decompress. I have been feeling discouraged during my job search. I didn’t it would be this hard to get hired with a service dog. It just really sucks that people are to lazy to take me on for the fear of having to accommodate me. I was afraid that was the reason so whenever I do the interview, I tell them they don’t have to accommodate me at all. I can take care of myself. Or rather Keen can take care of me and I take care of him.

I asked the trainer for the program I went through to train Keen what kind of jobs I should look for. She said that a desk job would probably be easiest, but nothing in the food industry for obvious reasons. I can legally get hired for a food type job, but it is just considerate to not try. That is unless you want to be in the food industry. In that case, go for it.

I was looking at being the housekeeper for hotels, but my friend said that it is terribly high stress and not to do it. So, then I looked at a front desk job at a hotel, but all the hotels around here are looking for night shift people. My brain shuts off at 9 pm, so it’s not really a good option for me.

I applied for so many jobs in the past couple days and no one has answered me yet. I am going to apply for one more and then see what happens. For now, I’m going to make due with my current job. I’m going to suggest getting sheep shears for all the collies I groom. I am seriously killing my grooming clippers whenever I shave a collie. It’s unnatural, but all the collies around here are working dogs, so the owners don’t want to have to deal with all the burs and mats. And neither do I.

I guess we’ll see what happens with my life. I am determined to go to college. I am going to try everything I can to get money saved up for it. Even if no one will hire me, I will start my paracor ding business up again and make a bit of money that way. Ugh… I hate dealing with the unknown. It’s so stressful.


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