Keeping House

My parents went on their motorcycle trip last Thursday and I have been left in charge of my two younger siblings (who are 15 and 17). Our parents left us with instructions to keep driving into down at a minimum, keeping the house clean, and mowing the lawn. Which means I am cleaning the house, mowing the lawn, and having to hide the car keys. 

I am doing that and I had a friend stay with us Saturday day night. We also decided to get started on our Father’s Day gift for our dad. The gift is to clean out his Coop. It used to be an old chicken coop until my dad fixed it up and converted it into his shop. The past three years, it has been used as a storage unit for stuff that we intended to throw away or use later. My dad has been getting really frustrated by the fact that it has gotten so bad that you barely walk in it.

We got started Saturday morning and were immediately wanted to retreat, but we didn’t. I also sprained my thumb grooming Friday when a dog jumped off the table while I had the leash wrapped around my hand. So, I had to do everything one handed. It was interesting… And painful.

Graduation was yesterday and I made it through the ceremony. There were a few parties afterwards, but we were all too tired to go. It all turned out for the best because my bestie ended up inviting us over for pizza, and our other friends came over a little bit later for a campfire. While I was proving that I could still play volleyball one handed at my friend’s house, I sprained my ankle. 

I was hoping I just twisted it, so I walked it off. When I got up this morning, my ankle was on fire and the joint was swollen. I iced it all morning then took my little bro some pizza for lunch because he has to take semester tests this week. I get home around 1 and my boss texts me and asks if I can work this afternoon. I said yes because I felt obligated to make up for taking Sunday off, but I was a bit worthless.

It was just chores and the usually take about fifteen minutes, but it took me nearly 45 minutes. The dogs looked at me like was some kind of zombie. An exhausted, one armed, limping zombie. It was very painful and awkward. After I finished the shift, I was so relived to not have to do anything tomorrow, but I had thought too soon. My boss texted me and she had scheduled ten grooms for the rest of the week. 

I am now laying in bed, icing my limbs, and crying from frustration. I just can’t get a break. I applied for a few jobs today that I will hopefully get. I really NEED to quit grooming. For my sake and the dogs. I hate it and I get so angry when anything goes wrong (which something always does). I have also become paranoid about getting bit. So, I tend to muzzle the dog before it gets a chance to show any aggression. I’m just done with it. The job has finally broken me.

I am going to stick the ice pack back in the freezer and then go to bed. I feel as if I could sleep for days and not even get up to eat. The only reason I do keep getting up is because Keen gets hungry. Ugh…. I am not liking how this week is panning out. UGH!!

These are some before picturesof my dad’s coop. We had cleaned some stuff out before this was taken even.


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