Can’t Sleep

I have been having a really hard time getting sleep. I take sleeping medication, but sometimes my overactive brain over powers it to the point of not letting me sleep or waking me up. Tonight, it has woken me up. It’s looking like I will only be getting three hours of sleep tonight. Keen is a little grumpy because he likes to sleep on top of me, but since I’m tossing and turning, I keep making him move. Yeah I don’t think he will be my biggest fan tomorrow… Or rather today.

I believe that the reason my brain keeping me up is because I keep worrying. My parents went on a motorcycle trip yesterday and won’t get back till next week. So, I’m running the household. I have to figure out which meals I’m gonna make when, and then when we need to do chores. My friend that is coming for graduation is staying with us Saturday, so I have to plan and clean for that. Then, graduation is Sunday and my boss is so awesome and she gave me the day off. So, I don’t have to worry about working that into the equation.

I also have to figure out my finances and I’m kind of stressing about it. I am really strict with myself about saving money to the point that once I reach my goal, I have a hard time spending it. Eventhough to it is the exact thing I was saving it for. I also waited too long before getting another bag of dog food for Keen and might not have time to get one tomorrow. I have two grooms which makes my day pretty filled up because there is too little time before I have to work the afternoon shift To fit a shower and trip to town in.

Ugh… Can you tell I’m stressing? I really hate when my routine gets messed up, and just about go psycho when it does. Hopefully, I can calm down once tomorrow is over and done with. Throwing last minute grooms into my already stressful week, is not all that helpful. I am also trying to look for another part time job so I can just quit the grooming. It is just too much unnecessary stress that I hate. It is now to the point that I dread grooming my own dog (Which I need to do tomorrow… Ack. Even more things to do).

I am trying not to stress too much about getting another job, but the longer I wait, the more grooming I will have to do. The reason I can’t quit the grooming and then worry about another job is because grooming is where all my money comes from. And I mean all of it. A part time job with twenty hours a week would double my current pay WITH grooming. I am hesitant to quit the kennel all together because my boss has been so wonderful to me. I guess it’s a loyalty thing.

Usually, I would end a late night post with “I better get some sleep,” but I am too awake for that. I am gonna stop because I don’t want to bore you all with my thoughts and worries… Mostly worries… Ugh. This is the kind of anxiety that gives me a migraine and makes me sick to my stomach. Yup… A migraine has been added to the mix. Yay me.


2 thoughts on “Can’t Sleep

  1. revengestar says:

    reverse sleeping pattern here, i can totally relate. Takes months to normalize and two nights staying late to reverse it again.
    My advice is: find the shit you like to do and do them at night instead. Also most night shifts pay way better than normal shifts.
    You say adversity, i say chance.

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