Grad Parties

Yesterday was another school’s graduation that my bestie who has POTS goes to. I was really wanting to go to the ceremony, but I had to work, so I only got to go to her party. Which is just fine with me because their ceremony takes three hours to get through everything and I did not want to sit through that.

Anyways, my mom and I stopped in to give her a card and just say our congratulations. I was actually pretty tickled with the card I got her. I am a big fan of humor and the card that cracked me up the most was grad card for preschoolers. It wasn’t supposed to be there, but it was so perfect. It said, “You think preschool was fun?” And then on the inside it said, “Just wait until you get to kindergarten!” Haha! My mom and I couldn’t stop laughing.

Ok… I’m getting off topic now. I stopped in and you had to go through the house to get to the backyard where everybody was. I had Keen with me because this big party with people I don’t know is not my scene. Pretty much everybody was pretty laid back about it and Keen was awesome. He didn’t growl at all until a kid came up and roughly scratched his head (an appropriate response in my opinion). My bestie gave me a hug and said the usual “how’d you do’s.” 

I try to keep my anxiety level under wraps when it comes to her because she gets very empathetic. I did pretty well until I went to take my sunglasses off and I was shaking so much I dropped them. She ended up getting sidetracked with greeting more people, so I didn’t think she noticed. That is until I got a text from her saying she noticed and was asking how I’m doing. It’s not that I don’t like people caring about me. It’s more that I don’t like being noticed in my weaker state, so I stand in a dark corner and avoid any conversation. 

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