Another Opportunity

The secretary at my high school was a humongous part in my surviving my sophomore year of high school. She would drag me to the office and stick me in chair where she could see me when I was having an epsiode. Due to how involved she was, she knew my entire struggle and all the details. She was like my second mom at school. She took fantastic care of me and took time out of her day to do so. 

Well, my little bro took his drive test yesterday so we took him to school at about eleven o’clock. I made the mistake of waiting in the car while my mom checked him in and everything. I decided to go inside after 15 minutes of waiting. I went in and, as I suspected, she was talking to the secretary. But it turns out that it was for a good reason.

I had a TBI when I was eight years old which is the cause of all my problems I have today. Turns out that the secretary’s daughter had a TBI two years ago, but they didn’t discover it until a year later. Now she is struggling with the typical side effects of poor memory, high distractibility, depression, anxiety, headaches, and trouble sleeping. The secretary was asking my mom what I do to help remember stuff. 

She told her a few things, but I have so many that are now second nature to me. So, I am going to go into the school to offer my services in the advice area. I have had ten years of experience in surviving a day to day life with TBI and have picked up a few skills along the way. I have also discovered some fantastic apps that relieve some stress about having to remember stuff in class. I’m really excited because I have been wanting to do this forever, but our small town has absolutely no resources, but I intend on creating some.


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