The Wedding is Over

My sister got married Friday. I’m so happy it is all over. We had family come from out of town and stay with us, which made Keen and I a bit grumpy. Keen has some definite issues that need sorting out and one of them includes lashing out at strangers. It doesn’t help that my dad’s Aussie is acting up too. Attie is the sweetest dog you could ever meet, but lately she has been in a bad habit of rushing people aggressively. 

She would never actually hurt people, but the fact that she is doing it is strange. What I think has happened is my dad is working her enough. She is a bed bug detection dog, but my dad hasn’t had very many places to search for the past few months. Hopefully business starts picking up this summer and Attie can go back to her usual self. 

Keen and I helped set up for the wedding and my aunt came to help. I haven’t seen my aunt for maybe six years and I was nervous about seeing her and just about the wedding in general. So, when she bent down to pet Keen, he growled at her because he was feeding off me. I am getting really frustrated about Keen’s behavior. I keep telling the owner of the program that Keen has problems I don’t know how to fix, and she just tells me how to do it.

I really don’t have the skills, means, or patience to fix Keen’s problems. Everyone keeps telling me that I’m a “dog whisperer” and that I can fix his problems with some dedication. Honestly, them telling me that I have a special gift is just a pain because I don’t want to have to figure it out on my own. I really just want to tear my hair out and just hand him over to the pros so that I can get the dog I need. One who is trained and isn’t a large source of anxiety for me.

I want to be able to educate people on service dogs and tell them how they are supposed to act when my own legitimate service dog is acting like an aggressive pit with a 10 foot retractable leash. Well, not all the time. Just when I’m anxious and people bend down to pet him, and I do not use a retractable leash. It was just the worst scenario I can come up with at the moment. 

My little sister and I are throwing a surprise birthday party for my bestie this weekend. I booked a hotel room with three queen beds, full kitchen, and a bathroom with a jacuzzi bathtub. We are also going to take her out to dinner Friday night and swim at the hot springs. Then we are gonna stay up till like 9 o’clock having tinker bell movie marathon (actually my sister and friend will probably stay up till 2 am). Yes, we are still seven year olds at heart.

Anyways, that is all that is going to happen or has happened. After my migraine has subsided, I got a cold from someone. So, I’m praying it doesn’t last till Friday. I would really like to enjoy myself for once. Is it really too much to ask?

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