Opportunities and PAIN

I apologize for not writing. I have been fighting a massive migraine for the past week and just haven’t been well enough to sit and look at a screen. It has eased up enough for me to write today, but yesterday it was so bad that the eye that the pain was behind, was a bit swollen. It was crazy. Nothing was working. I was throwing up up all night last night, but after I took some more meds and stomached some food, it eased up a bit.
Anyways… What has been going on? Well, let’s see. Last weekend, my old church had a prophetic conference and I was able to donate some money for girls in the Philippines. It was a great opportunity. And it was so good to see my old church family and see all the little guys all grown up.

One of the littles one, named J, was about 4 when we left and now she is eight years old. Because I haven’t seen her in so long, she has never met Keen. So, she went home and asked her mama about Keen and what he does. That was when her mama got the idea to have me talk to J’s class about service dogs. I am really excited about it. Little kids are my forte and it has always been really easy for me to explain about service dogs to them. They actually listen.

I also have my sister’s wedding on Friday and I am going to sign their marriage license. I also got a dress for their wedding and Keen is going to be wearing a bow tie. Hopefully it will all go well and we will be able to enjoy ourselves. We are having family coming from out of town, so everyone is stressing about where everyone is going to stay. Ugh… I am going to elope when I get married. I hate the hassle. It’s not really worth it in my opinion.

I just really hope that this migraine doesn’t ruin the rest of the week. I have the wedding and then my presentation to the second grade class. And then I have a surprise birthday party for my bestie next weekend and then a graduation then next and another one the next weekend. Ugh… This is turning out to be a very busy month. I don’t like it.

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