Worst Interview Ever

I just got back from my job interview to be the bather, and it was probably the worst interview… Ever. I had a bunch of questions to ask them and reasons I want to work there and forgot them all. I was so freaking nervous that I forgot where I was from and even where I am working now.

Ugh… So embarrassing. I don’t think I want the job though after all. They want a grooming interview even though I’m applying for the bathing position. I think she wanted to be positive of my experience of grooming, but I am dead set against grooming ever again. I hate it. 

The good thing is that she wasn’t bothered by Keen at all. She acted exactly how people are supposed to: like he wasn’t even there. And here I came prepared to explain his purpose and give verification. I think the fact I didn’t have any problems is the reason I got so flustered. Oh well… I still have the interview on Wednesday at the doggie daycare and I’m pretty optimistic about it. Mainly because there isn’t a possibility of having to groom.


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