Job Interviews!

I applied for the bathing position at the place I spoke about the other day and I got an interview with them tomorrow. I also applied to work at a doggie daycare and I have an interview with them on Wednesday. I am so freaking excited! I am so surprised that I am excited. My anxiety will probably be through the roof on the drive to the interviews. 

The only reason I would be anxious is because I don’t know how to handle the service dog situation. I didn’t mention anything about him when I applied, which is what everyone told me to do. I am going to tell them what he does and everything when I get to the interview and I know they are probably going to ask how to accommodate me. And I have no idea.

The only thing I can think of is to give me about a five minute break every hour so that I can potty Keen. My boss at the kennel actually worked with the trainer and the owner of the service dog program I went through. So, I never had any problems because she let me do whatever I want and didn’t really care I had Keen. It was never a problem.

One of the many reasons I am finding a new job is because Keen isn’t able to be by my side when I’m working. He has to be locked in a kennel because I groom or board so many dogs that are aggressive towards other dogs. One time I was grooming a Newfoundland that was twice my size and I forgot to latch Keen’s kennel. The dog dragged me over to Keen’s kennel, when she saw him, and started to attack him. I was so terrified because I couldn’t get the stupid dog off him. I ended up kicking her rear end and then slammed the door shut when she backed out.

My hope with these new jobs that I will never be in a situation like that. Keen was fine, just shaken up and covered with slobber. Because of the fact that that could happen at the kennel, I have had way too many close calls with my anxiety knocking me out. I think I am repeating myself now, but I can’t keep working a job that is unsafe for me. Locking Keen up is like locking up a wheelchair so that you can’t use it. I need him to be able to do his job.

Anyways, I am really excited to get a new job. I was a little nervous about having two interviews back to back, but I can’t be sure one place, or both,  won’t turn me down because I have Keen. So, I am ok with it. I can do this. 


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