Making Choices

I have been job searching this past week and have found on that might actually work, even with me having a service dog. It is at a dog supply store and they are looking for a retail sales position, a bather, and a groomer. I am not going to apply for the grooming position because I actually hate it. Love the dogs, but hate stress of grooming them.

I have been stressing over applying for this job and how short my resume is. I have only worked one job my entire life and I am going on three years at the kennel. Due to the worrying, I have not been sleeping well and that is not working for me. I have started biking 16 miles a day (yes, I’m finally putting miles on my bike) and need the energy. I end up coming home after a ride with a mild headache and exhausted. When I get in bed I just stare at the ceiling and think about… Everything.

That was when I made a big decision. I am going to go to college. With my friends graduation coming up, it has brought back the feeling of being cheated out of my academic career. I LOVE it. I just cannot express to you how much I love and crave it. It is the one thing that I can do for hours without realizing that two meals have past. I love it. So, taking away the one thing I love so stinking much has left me with a hole that I have decided to fill.

I am not going to start till the spring or fall of 2017 because I have to get ready. I have to get my ACT done, figure out the finances, and gather all the things Keen and I will need. I will finally be truly independent and I refuse to have any debt by the time I’m done. I have been saving for vacation things for the summer, but I think I will keep it in the bank and continue saving. If I get a new job, I will be making about twice the amount I am now which means my savings rates will double… Hopefully.

I am actually very impressed with myself lately. I am never EVER this impulsive and spontaneous. I mean I woke up last week and decided I was done being jerked around and started looking for a new job. A week ago I decided to go sugar free for a month. Then, I fall asleep after making the decision to go to college. The best thing is that I am very happy with the decisions I’ve made. I can kind of see the bigger picture.


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