The Bridal Shower

Well, I made it through my sister’s bridal shower. I ended up driving my own truck there because I had to leave early to go to work, so I was a bit noxious about finding my way there. We ended up being the first ones there so the couple of old family friends who were hosting it were just there. I was really anxious about bringing Keen, but I knew I would be more anxious about the social aspect. So I brought him. 

Most of the people I knew already, but I hadn’t seen most of the people I knew already. They certainly haven’t been around me with my shadow, so it was just a lot of educating at the beginning and catching up. Keen was on high alert and got hair all over my dress when he had to do DPT, but worth the sacrifice. 

I was able to calm down and laugh a little, which in turn calmed Keen down. Eventually he just passed out behind my chair and didn’t care who came or went. It was a good experience. It will probably be what prepares me for the upcoming wedding and graduations I will be going to. Better to experience it bit by bit than to through myself into the deep end. Ugh… I forgot that I had to go to graduations… I am not excited for that.

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