My Little Bro

My little brother and I have always been pretty close. When we were younger, I would drag him along with me to climb trees, climb roofs, and make pretend houses in the garage shelves. The main reason he would come is because he didn’t know better. We were always getting into trouble, but was never injured in any way when we were together. 

But when he was alone in the house, he would do countless things that seemed to be him trying to end his life. He would steal our older sisters diary keys and stick them in the wall sockets, which left him with singed fingers and toes all three times. He would also climb onto the humongous TVs to grab a movie and it would fall over, barely missing him. There were numerous other things he did, but it was around that time that my two sisters decided to take him under our wing to make him make wiser decisions.

I remember teaching him to ride a bike and he got going really well, but I forgot to teach him how to stop. So, I chased him down the road to get to him before he got to the busy road, and I pushed him as hard as I could off his bike. Ok… So maybe he did get injured when he was with me. I don’t have a reliable memory, so it’s not my fault it turned out a lie.

Anyways, after my brother and I got put back into public school my freshman year after being home schooled, we kind of drifted apart. He has hit the age where he is a jerk to everyone, including our parents, and we just don’t have the patience for one another. Since he has entered high school though, he has grown a bit in maturity… And height. He is about a half foot taller than my dad and a foot taller than me now. I now call him my big little bro because of it.

He is a fantastic reader and reads just about anything. He finished the Les Miserable in about a week, a book that would take me about a year to finish. Well, I have been trying to get him to read a series called The Wheel of Time for the past three years and he has finally started. Now that he is almost done with the first book, we can finally talk about it… Ahh… You know you have a really bad social life when all you do s talk about characters in a book like you know them. I know, I am really sad.

Well, I am going to go to bed. I have been really distracted lately which is the cause of my lack of posts. It has been in the 70s the past couple days and I have been trying to be on my bike as much as possible. I have also been running Keen,but he seems to have sprained his leg yesterday, so I didn’t go out today. I really think that this nice weather is an April fools prank. I have a feeling that it is probably going to snow this week. The only question is when… Oh my gosh. I am so sad. Now I am talking about the weather. I am going to go now.



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