Anxiety is Embarassing

It is true. Many symptoms of anxiety are embarrassing. I get really red in the face and I get really hot which results in sweating. Those are the two main ones that I get, and the most common trigger is social situations. Yesterday I drove into town to get Keen some more dog food and the lady was asking after Keen and thought my face was red because of the questions. So she kept apologizing for asking. 

The truth is that I was really anxious during the drive there so my face was already red, but lead to an uncomfortable situation. At least on my part. I blame it on my social anxiety. Keen also seemed to be misbehaving because he was whining at me to alert me to my anxiety, so I don’t think the lady was impressed. But he was doing his job and I am so used to it that I don’t care what they think about him when he is doing his job.

Keen’s job is to alert me to my anxiety or stress because if I don’t recognize it in time, it will trigger a non epileptic seizure. So if I don’t acknowledge his alerting, he will get nervous and start directing my to a chair. Typically, if I just recognize what I’m feeling, I won’t have an episode, but sometimes I don’t catch it in time. I haven’t had a full blown episode in a while, but I have had the lightheadedness, shaking, and hyperventilation. Which is pretty much just an anxiety/panic attack because I’m alert in what is happening.

Anyways, when I have an anxiety attack triggered by a social situation, it can be embarrassing to have to say good bye and walk away from the situation all together. The good thing is that people are more accepting of it since I have a dog. I often use the “my dog has to go potty” card when I need to recuperate. 

3 thoughts on “Anxiety is Embarassing

    • Abigail says:

      I think it does. I would actually prefer unconsciousness because that way I don’t remember how people reacted or tried to do. But I don’t let myself get that bad. The thing that triggers a full on episode is when I ignore my anxiety until my body can’t take it anymore and I just conk out.


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