I am sorry that I haven’t been posting much. I have been a bit overwhelmed with work and my social life. Which is a bit of a surprise because I don’t really have a social life. My cousin left Friday and we got to spend a day and night with her. She has changed a bit. The last time I saw her, she was still playing with Barbies and imagining princesses being rescued by princes. It is actually a huge difference because that was all we did when we were younger. 

She grown up a bit, but instead of using her imagination via dolls, she uses books. She loves to write short stories and read books. It was really good to see her. Haha! She was kind of disturbed when she saw I had a Daith peircing. She thought I was turning to the dark side or something. I told her the real reason I had it, but I don’t think she was convinced. 

Speaking of my peircing, it has been helping immensely with the frequency of my migraines, but not so much once I get one. I don’t know if that makes any sense. I had a really bad migraine Saturday and I used everything I could to combat it. Medication, caffeine, cold packs, rice bags, sleep. It did eventually go away, but I don’t know which thing did the trick.

I woke up from a nightmare that night at 1:30 and had to actually get out of bed in order to fully wake from it. Once I finally climbed back into bed my migraine came back like I got punched in the face and kicked in the stomach. My room is in the basement and the bathroom is upstairs, so I had to be really wise on what movement I was going to make. Otherwise I don’t think I would have made it to the bathroom in time. 

I eventually couldn’t handle the pressure in my eye and the only thing that would help is to apply… Pressure. Doesn’t make sense but it helped. I was too tired to keep holding my eye so I got my rice bag and tied it over my eyes with a bandana. It was perfect! And that is how I fell asleep. 

I woke up this morning with a bit of a migraine, but I’m hoping that is it for the week. I still have that feeling that it is lingering, but I’m praying that it is gone. I just can’t hadle another migraine like that. I need a break. Anyways, I haven’t been doing much other than trying to stay alive. I hope you all have had a much better week.

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  1. Maybe get yourself to a doctor. Your health is number one priority. You should never feel the need to apologize for being busy or unwell. It’s a human thing I guess. I probably would be doing the same. What I am saying is we are all too hard on ourselves. Chill. What is a Daith ring? never mind. I will Google it. Hope the week gets better – Mondays nearly over and done with

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    • Abigail says:

      Yes Monday is almost over… A Daith peircing helps with migraines. It is on a pressure point that they use with acupuncture.


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