Panic Attack at Work

My boss was gone for the weekend, so I had to cover all the shifts at the kennel since I’m the only employee. Everything went smoothly until Sunday night. We are only open for a half an hour where people pick up or drop off their dogs or cats. Well this past week was spring break for some schools, so everyone was picking up their pets on Sunday. Ten people in a half hour is pretty daunting.

I did all the chores and got the dogs ready for pick up by 4:45. I had Keen sitting under the desk while I waited for people to show up. One person showed up and it went fine. Then two people showed up and the first person claimed to have already paid, but it didn’t say that in the books. It wasn’t going as planned, and that was when I just froze. I knew I was about to have an anxiety attack because everything was seeming to go in slow motion and all the people were tuned out. 

I didn’t have Keen under the desk by that time because I stuck him in a kennel when I checked out the first dog. I hate having to do that, but I can’t predict how a dog will react. I had one too many close calls with aggressive dogs going after Keen. So, I just stared at a wall trying to keep calm and continuing to breathe. 

The lady looked at me and I said I would go get the dog and headed downstairs very slowly. I grabbed the dog and brought him up then did the next two pick ups without crashing (I also stayed pleasant which is a plus). After the people stopped coming, I went and let Keen out and sat down while he did his job. He layer on my lap and licked me till I was done hugging him. 

I think another reason why my anxiety was bad was because I could keen all upset because he knew I wasn’t doing well. And the fact that I had to finish what I was doing because I was alone and didn’t have someone to cover me. Ten people in thirty minutes is NOT ideal when you have social anxiety and a service dog to prove it. It is especially stressful when the people are angry and there are more people waiting. I ended up just giving the lady her dog and letting my boss take care of the misunderstanding. It is just too much to expect from me.

I have been working at the kennel for three years now, and one year with grooming included. And I have never had an anxiety attack in front of someone. I have had plenty while grooming, but never while I was dealing with a boarding mix up. Augh! It was bad and very unsettling. It was also embarrassing. The lady probably thinks I’m incompetent. Oh well… I need to find out how I can keep Keen with me at all times… Or get another job. This is not working.


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