Reading Again

Ever since my TBI when I was eight, I have never been a big reader. I love it when I was reading, but at the beginning, it was actually painful to read. A year after my accident, i was still rebuilding the connection from the short term memory to long term memory. This caused me to read the same page over and over again because I couldn’t remember what I had just read. Which left me frustrated and angry because I read my second grade teachers entire classroom library before the end of first quarter.

I remember when I took a test that my whole grade had to take to test their reading speed and comprehension in third grade. I had my TBI the previous summer, so I had absolutely no short term memory. I ended up botching the test and the teacher sent a letter home saying that they need to work on my reading more. They were absolutely furious.

Anyways, I am much better at reading now and love it. After my hospitalization a couple years ago, I haven’t had much patience or motivation to read. This past week I have had a eagerness to read a book and I did. Now I seem to be on a reading frenzy because I have read three in a week. 

I don’t know the real purpose of this post except to just share a little more about my TBI. I don’t share much about it because it is a part of me. Meaning that I have come to terms with it and accept the new me post-TBI. I actually remember writing in my application for NHS that the one thing I need to work on is my ability to accept who I am. It took me years to come to terms with my new limits, and now I have to learn to cope with my most recent limits. 

The good thing is that a keen is going to be there to help me figure it out. So this time, I’m not alone in discovering the new me.

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