Po’ Keener Beener

Yesterday I worked the morning shift at the kennel and when I closed up and headed for my truck, Keen bolted after a cat. He ran down the the road and then came to a sliding halt when the cat veered for the ditch. I called him a couple times and he came running back and jumped in the truck.

When we got home, I was noticing blood on the sidewalk and on his feet. I looked him over and couldn’t find the source of the bleeding. I fell backwards and discovered where he was bleeding. He had sliced the pads on his legs clean off and had a few cuts on his back legs. 

So I cleaned it and then taped his legs up. He was not happy with the tape and was acting like his life is over because he can’t walk. He stayed right where I left him (in the pictures) and didn’t get up till I promised to put him to work. And that I did. I took him with us to town and so many people asked why I taped his legs with which I answered saying that he came to a sudden stop and now he’s missing his pads.

   Why did you put this on my legs?

I had friends come over last night and he was totally milking it. He sat on the chair and just moaned. We were all happy to provide him the attention he wanted… He is just too cute. 

 Whoa is me… 

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