Making Plans

With me being so busy with work lately, I have been looking forward to some vacation time. I have mentioned before that the best way to dig myself out of a depressive rut is to make plans. It can be small or big plans, but either one works. I have my eleventh groom in a week tomorrow, so I am planning to run to the grocery store and get myself a treat. 

The plans I am most excited about are the ones that I have been planning for months now. The first is to get a hotel room to celebrate my besties 18th birthday. The second is to fly… Somewhere. I’m not sure where to, but I am going to fly. This will be my first (conscious) plane ride (the first was when I was life flights to a hospital… Yeah not all that memorable for me). 

My third plan is to go camping. Now I do have a place for this one. There is a lake that is about two hours from where I live that has a few small islands on it. In order to get to the islands you will have to kayak, paddle board, or canoe out to them. I am getting so excited for this because I got camping stuff a couple years ago because I was sure that I was going to use it. But I never did. 

So this will be my first time using it. Now the other question is how are we going to get out to those islands to camp on? The obvious would be to rent a canoe and just have it for the occasion, but I am thinking of purchasing one of my own. I really like the idea of getting a kayak, but I would be able to take Keen with me. If I got a paddle board, I could train him to lie down while I paddled.

I love the idea of both things, but cannot make up my mind. I am leaning more towards the idea of a kayak though… I was thinking about having Keen swim the way there and get him a life jacket, but he hates water. The only time he has ever gotten into the water willingly was when he thought I was drowning in the river and he came to help me. It ended in me helping him to the shallows. 

I don’t know what I will decide… But I’m sure either one will work…. Maybe.

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