Vests and Patches

I have discovered a way to cut the amount of people that ask (or rather just does) to pet your service dog. How can you fix it? You get a vest that completely covers his or her back. I got Keen a winter vest from Ruff Wear that does just that, but I have had to switch him to his summer vest as the weather got warmer. 
I had noticed a difference in people approaching me when I first got it, but have gotten use to it. When I went to town a couple days ago, I was bombarded by people asking to pet him or just petting him without asking. It was crazy how if there is more for them to pet, they will. Anyways, if you want to get a break from it or whatever, just stick a long vest on him or her. Of course this isn’t a permanent fix because the temperature will eventually rise, but it’s a good temporary fix. 

I have also been thinking about getting a patch that says “Not All Disabilities Are Visible,” but haven’t actually done it. I love the message because the number one question I get is “Are you training him?” It aggravates me because I know they think I am training him because I don’t look disabled. It’s as if they expect all disabled individuals to be wheelchair bound, blind, or deaf. 

There are so many illnesses, disorders, etc. that you can’t see. Like epilepsy you can’t see until the individual is having a fit, or you can’t tell someone is diabetic by just looking at them. It is frustrating… My main reason for bringing that up is to find out what you all think. Should I or should I not get the patch? 

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