Got my Daith!

Well… I got my piercing today. I decided to leave Keen in the car because I can see him lashing out because of me being in pain. Yes, he is doing so much better about not lashing out, but I can’t snap him out of it when I’m not holding the leash.

Anyways, my mom and I went grocery shopping before we went in because the place wasn’t open until one. We got the big stuff and not the nitty gritty ingredients. That means we only went to Costco instead of Town and Country. Oh I don’t know why I’m telling you this other than the fact that I was pretty exhausted by the time we got to the place.
Keen was fine with staying in the car because he was so tired, he began dragging his feet. When we were filling out the papers I could see him in the car looking at me all layer back. It was pretty cute. 
So the lady had me go to the back room and pick out a hoop or barbell (I chose the hoop). She looked at my ear and said she didn’t have much to work with, but that it should be fine. That made a little nervous thinking that she might miss and give me a piercing I wasn’t asking for. 
She told me to lie down and to sit on my hands. Then she showed us that everything was sterile and then got to work. Oh my goodness… She didn’t use a gun so she was doing it by hand with a needle. I have a very high pain tolerance (I slept through getting a spinal tap) so the pain wasn’t too terrible but bad enough for me to close my eyes. 
She got it done and I couldn’t see it (bummer), but my mom said it looked really cute. The lady said that she was very impressed by how I didn’t make a sound or move a muscle because she was apparently having to push REALLY hard. My mom said she was considering getting one too, but she decided to just get her hair done instead. 
My friend that has the piercing (Jordo) said that it hurt so bad, but that she wanted more. Haha! I knew that it probably wasn’t quite as bad as she described because she doesn’t have any pain tolerance. Which is kind of surprising because she deals with chronic pain from Dysautonomia. 
I am excited to see if this will help my migraines. Actually I hope it stops them all together, but we’ll see.


2 thoughts on “Got my Daith!

    • Abigail says:

      That’s what I thought too! It was a bit spontaneous for me to just go and get it done. I read one article and was convinced. I think I am just a bit desperate. šŸ™‚


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