What’s Been Going On?

Well… I am still waiting to get my HiSET results. I have been told to expect it next week. This is the most brutal waiting game I have played yet. I really wish they could send me an email and just say “You passed” or “You failed.” That way I can be ready. I am praying that I don’t have to retake any of the tests. I would like to just move on.

My parents and I went to go and see my little sister get 5th place at state for her expository in speech and drama. Her expository (or speech with visuals like posters) was about aspberger syndrome. She is an aspie so it was a very strong subject for her. At the end of telling information about what aspbergers is, she revealed that she was an aspie and people start treating her different and see her in a new light. It was so cool to see her break down in tears when the called her name. It was so sweet.

My parents and I were only planning to stay to see her perform once, but my sister kept us there till the end. When I was in school, I was going to be in speech and drama with my sister but I ended up dropping out. So, I know the two coaches and they know me and Keen. When everyone was trying to figure out what room they were going to perform in next, it was SO crowded and people were running and screaming. It was terrible.

I ended up getting separated from my group and had a panic attack when someone ran into Keen. It was SO overwhelming. All these people running around and not watching where they were going. And then people kept grabbing my arm and thanking me for training service dogs (Why do people always assume I’m training!? I know it is probably because I am walking and don’t look disfigured, or whatever they expect. But why can’t they just leave me alone?) I left the building because I couldn’t find a quite place that nobody could find me in.

My family and I left to get something to eat and before long, it was time to for the awards ceremony. Word of advice, avoid bleachers at all cost. People never look on the floor to avoid paws or tails when you are on the bottom row, and people never use the stairs. They use the seats as steps and it is terrifying for me, so it is probably much more terrifying for the dog when someone steps over them and makes a big bang. 

Anyways, I made it through it although Keen and I were pooped for a couple days after. He did great though. I didn’t have any outbursts from him, except for when a mime tried to touch him. All the coaches laughed and said that they growl at mimes too. So it was all cool.

My mom and I went furniture shopping on Monday to replace our hammered couches. But it ended up turning into a shopping spree… For me. I am not a very fashionable person because I’m too stubborn to realize that I go places other than work. My mom, on the other hand, is very fashionable. So it started out as a “Ooo! You would look good in this,” to “Ooo! Go try this on!” I am absolutely broke because I am putting all my money into savings, so I wasn’t really up for the idea. I tried so many things on and I thought it was just for fun, but then my mom brought all the clothes to the counter and said, “Happy graduation!”

So now I have a completely new wardrobe that I can only wear twice a week. To church and to group. I don’t entirely understand the point of having so many clothes that I can’t wear in a week, but oh well. Keen has been doing fabulously and I am starting to ween him off the treats so I got him some big treats to get when we come home after being out. I am at work right now and someone came in, Keen growled but didn’t get up to confront the person like he usually does. He is now listening to me when I tell him to leave it and that is a fantastic accomplishment. I am so proud of him. 

I had better stop writing now because this is turning into a long post, but surprisingly, there has been a lot going on. 


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