TSA and Nightmares

Ok… Lots happened yesterday. First of all, I had two panic attacks on Sunday, so I was working with Keen to lick my face. How he knows that I am at the stage that I need to be helped out of the panic attack is when I start hyperventilating. He did start to get the hang of it by the end of the day. 

Well, yesterday night I woke up because of a severe headache and couldn’t get back to sleep till four o’clock. It wasn’t long before one of my nightmares crept in. I began hyperventilating and I was awoken by a wet tongue and then not being able to breathe. I opened my eyes to find Keen licking me and applying deep pressure therapy. Exactly what I was working with him on Sunday. I was very proud.

Keen and I also had one more meeting with Deb yesterday at the airport. We were determined to go through TSA. So, Deb walked to the counter and after five minutes, a security guy named Mike, approached us and was telling us that the manager was coming down to oversee it all. He also continued to tell us that we can call the airport a week before I have to fly out so that they can have someone with you once you arrive. That means they will help me through security and I get to cut in front of everyone, and they also help me get onto the plane.

The manager came down and was thanking Deb for doing this because it really does help everyone for the dog and handler to know what is going to happen. They ran us through like we were going to be flying so I took everything out of my pockets and my bag in the bucket. I also had to take Keen’s leash off, which made me really nervous. Not because I thought I couldn’t control him, but because that’s like my helpline. 

I put Keen in a sit stay and then alkyd through the scanner thing (can you tell I’ve never done this before?). I called him and the scanner did end up going off because he had his martingale collar on. So, they did have to pat him down which made him and me a little nervous. But he did ok. I forgot that I had treats in my hand, which lead me to forgetting to distract him. 

We did well, though. Mike met us at the other end to give us the number to call when I fly, and said that Keen did very good. Deb and I were showering Keen with praise so he was very excited. When I bent over to tie my shoes when we were done, Keen kept untying my shoes because he was so excited and just wanted to help. It was very cute.

We were waiting to see another service dog team that Deb trained, because I wanted to work with Keen and his reaction to seeing other dogs. He did very well at that too. The beginning was a little too exciting for him, but he ended up getting the hang of it. The other team was also going to work on going through TSA, but Mike was gone. It turns out that he was taking time from his lunch break to help me.


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