Fixing Keen

We met with Deb (the owner of the service dog program) again today for the third time today. I was absolutely exhausted before because we went to church with my grandparents, and for some reason I can’t handle it. The church is full of old people that don’t have much respect for personal space. We were there for three minutes and I had to leave. 

It has been a long time since I have had a panic attack as bad as the one I had today. My grandparents ended up sitting near the front and I was at the end of the isle that was in the middle. So, when I got up to leave, everyone was watching me. It didn’t help my anxiety at ALL. Then, we had to go to a family gathering with the side of the family that I don’t know at all. So, here we go again. Two panic attacks in one day. It was not a good day.

I ended up leaving Keen in the car because with training we are going through, it was just better that way. My friend that I talk about a lot who is a veteran, is part of my extended family so he was there with his PTSD dog. As soon as I entered the door, she would not leave me alone. She would lick me and lean on me until I end up getting pushed into a corner. One of the things she does for her handler is pull him from a situation. So I had my hand free leash still attached to me and she would grab it and pull me until I left the room. He thought it was pretty funny because she was off duty (vest was off) and so she worked on me.

Anyways, we went to Scheel’s for the animatronics because Keen didn’t like them. Deb showed me what to do when he begins growling at things. He did really good. Keen was comfortable enough (and tired enough) to lie down in front of them. We kept the training session short today because Keen and I were exhausted, mentally and physically, from today’s battles.

Since we have been meeting up with Deb, I find myself not getting frustrated with him. Main reason being because I thought he was being terrible. But she assured me that he was doing wonderfully. I am going to put him in a basic obedience and advanced obedience training course so that he gets used to be around other dogs. He has a problem with getting too excited when he sees another dog. He is just too friendly sometimes, so he needs to learn that when the vest is on, he can’t socialize. And that’s what I hope to accomplish with the classes.

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