Done, Done, and Done!

I got two more sections of my HiSET (GED) done today. It was the social studies and reading sections. I got them done in the time I had to take one of them. Now I just have the math and writing left. They are scheduled for Monday and Tuesday, but I think I will just take them both on Monday so that we can get back home early on Tuesday. 

I also met the owner of the service dog program we went through today. She is almost 69 and is all alone on training the dogs. Both of her trainers got arrested last year, so she has to pick up the slack which means doing two dogs at a time. The current dogs she’s training are yellow labs and one is for a veteran and the other is for a diabetic. 

Anyways, we met for lunch and told her about the behavior Keen has been showing. About how he gets very protective when I get anxious. When she first heard exactly what he was doing she said that if she had known sooner, she would have washed him out. Now I am very attached to Keen, so we are going to work through it. We then went to the mall and when she saw how excited he gets when I bring the treats out, she said that is a VERY good sign.

She didn’t tell me that, so I spent the whole time thinking that he is terrible and that I am going to have to lose him. My mom walked with the owner and my mom said that she was very happy to see him so motivated with treats. After we walked around a bit, we sat down and discussed what we should do. 

Well, since he only gets protective when I’m anxious, I have to go places where I am not ok with. That means going to the laundromat where the creepy people hang out, Walmart (of course), the airport, and wherever else we can think of. She is also going to have us ride a bus which Keen and I have never done before. So pretty much they are going to make sure I am as anxious as possible so that Keen learns that me being anxious and around people is ok. One of the things she told me is that as soon as I start feeling anxious, start taking out the treats.

My mom and her apparently had a conversation while they were walking behind Keen and I. The owner was so impressed with how Keen was doing that she asked my mom what I was planning to do with my future. My mom then told her my lifelong dream to run my own kennel and how I want to offer more training and other services than the kennel I am working at. A few minutes later, she offered me a job.

Now, I am not exactly sure if I am in the right state of mind to take on that kind of full time, 24/7, responsibility. I mean I am still having to work out my own dog, so I didn’t end up giving her an answer yet. I want to wait till after I finish college to start thinking about it. But you never know what could happen…


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