Old Friends

I’m sorry I haven’t been posting very often. Everything seems to be happening this month. I got my liscense taken care of, going to get my GED taken care of, and now I am going to go see an old friend. I think I wrote about her a long time ago, but am going to tell you again anyways.

I became friends with Jordo in the sixth grade because we went to the same church and then the same school. When she was in fourth grade, she began to have intestinal problems and it began to get progressively worse. The summer before sixth grade, I ended moving to the same neighborhood as her and we became fast friends. That summer, we would ride to a water park on our bikes that was a mile away and get treats at the gas station. 

I’m not kidding… We would go EVERY SINGLE DAY. Then we would spend the night at each others house and stay up till midnight playing Rock band. It was so much fun. Over the school year, she got worse. Much worse. She was hospitalized frequently for being dehydrated and I rarely got to see her. When the summer rolled around again, she was diagnosed with POTS and Dysautinomia. We couldn’t make our daily trips to the park because she couldn’t walk much less ride a bike. 

That summer, I moved to a different part of town and to a different church. We haven’t seen each other since my sisters graduation. I decided to finally get around to seeing her because she has gotten worse (which I didn’t think was possible). She is fighting daily for her life and trying to keep up in school as well. I so admire her for how hard she fights. She could do with a year off from school, but she is still planning to go to college this fall.

Today we are going to sit down and catch up. She and I are both feeling a bit lonely, so what better thing to fix it than socializing? I am pretty sure it will go well. I am not going to bring Keen in with me because she is hypersensitive to sound, so just him adjusting how he is sitting makes her cringe. Don’t get me wrong, he is coming. I’m just going to leave him in the truck.


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