I took my drive test yesterday and I passed with flying colors! I decided to keep Keen with my mom instead of getting in the car with me because I was more worried about how he would act with a stranger in the car. It turned out to be a good choice too because he didn’t make a peep while I was gone. Ok… That was a lie. My mom said he whined once because he realized that I just left him, but otherwise he was silent.

My little sister took her drive test months ago and the lady didn’t test her on parallel parking. Well the night before, I was up and worrying because I forgot to practice parallel parking. So I stayed up half the night reviewing it. Half way through the test, the lady pointed to a car and told me to parallel park behind it. So I pulled up tight to the car, turned all the way to the right and backed up, then all the way to the left and done! It only took me a few seconds and I would have to say… It was flawless. The lady was expecting it to take longer then looked up to find I was done. She said it was very impressive.

My mom and I then went around town a bit then to go and pick up her concealed weapon’s permit at the court house. My older sister works there, so she came out and congratulated me. She then wanted me to bring Keen up so that the ladies she works with could see him. My sister warned me that they are going to bring out a ton of treats and get him to do a lot of stuff. I was prepared knowing that (ironically) as soon as the treats come out, Keen gets naughty. Sure enough, it didn’t take long before too many people were shouting commands at him and he barked in frustration.

I am not a fan of those kind of situations because I don’t want to come off as being rude when I tell them it’s enough. It was pretty funny because all these ladies were wanting turns to shoot my dog. I think it is a fantastic trick to teach your dog because of situations like these. People love it.

This was very good for Keen too because the trainer said that I could try desensitizing him by having him work for a treat and then have people pet him while the vest is on. Well, he did great. He did get a little too excited when he was grabbing the treats from people’s hands. But that was to be expected. When first began training, I remember we had to work to get him to stop grabbing food from people’s hands too aggressively. He was abandoned so he would have to fight with his litter mate for the food he got. It took a bit, but now he is really good about it.


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