So, babysitting went well yesterday. There were four kids I was looking after and as soon as Keen saw there were kids, he started getting excited. The room we were in was hardwood, so Keen couldn’t lay in one spot for very long. The kids were really good about ignoring him. They acted like he was invisible which made the two hours fantastic. 

I have been trying to decide if I wanted to fly somewhere and where it would be. My cousin sent us all gifts for Christmas and that’s when I decided I was going to go see her. So, I have been doing research to see how much the ticket would cost and so on. I plan on making sure I have $600 in bank before I actually follow through with it. And since my paycheck isn’t always reliable, I just have to wait.

I then realized that I also want to be able to get the biking gear I need. So, I did more research to figure out how much it would be approximately and came out with $800. That means that the cost of the trip and biking gear would add up to $1400. When I first saw the number, my heart kind of sank. I then decided to figure out how much I would have to save each month to reach my goal and that comes out to $200 a month. 

I have done that before when I was saving for my truck, but this time of year is extremely slow for both boards and grooms. I brought up the issue with my parents and they said that I should start personal dog training. Which made me realize that Keen is currently in no condition to be able to make it through security. 

I did research to see what I could do to train it out of him, but all the results came out extremely discouraging. All the people and the websites say to pull him from public access. My mind then began to take extreme measures and I came up to my parents, crying, and told them what I discovered. They then said to get ahold of the owner of the program and see if she can help.

I was reluctant to get in contact with her because I know that she has lost two trainers and is having to train two dogs at a time because of it. And she is in no fit state to do so either because she has been having problems with her heart and more. But, I got ahold of her anyways and she said that I need to come up and see her. Her plan is to work with him on the issues and then take him up to the airport and run him through the paces. For both my benefit and his. I have never ridden on a plane, so I have no idea what to expect. Which will in turn cause my anxiety to sky rocket.

She lives in the same town where I am going to be taking my HiSET. So during the weekend when I’m not testing, we will work with Keen. Then once so we have finished the training session with the owner, I can have my friend, J, help me to continue the training. Keen wasn’t a fan of him the last time we saw each other and he had the same issue with his SD too. So he knows what to do.

And then I have my drive test next week and I am anxious for that because I am afraid Keen with growl at the lady who will be testing me. That would just be very inconvenient because I will have to worry about him and how I’m driving. Not a good mix for a test. Nevertheless,video am sure I will do fine. I have a bunch of testing to do this month. I am nearly booked solid. A little nerve wracking if I’m honest…


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