I am babysitting Wednesday. My mom is doing a group meeting at church and I volunteered to watch their little ones during it. Let me tell you… I am so freaking nervous. I have always been good with youngsters an love playing with them and stuff. The only thing is that Keen has been added into the situation.

I am not worried about him barking or being aggressive with the kids. He is fantastic with kids. I mean heck, if we was able to keep his cool when my little cousins were punching him, kicking him, climbing on him, pulling his ears, he can deal with any kid (I did not allow them to do all those things, by the way. My two little cousins are extremely aggressive with just about everything. One was picking on Keen while the other was trying to choke me to death. Their older brother had to haul him off me. Yeah Keen stayed in the car the next time we went over).

Anyways, I am mainly concerned about how he reacts with the parents. They all said they were cool with it, but you never know what will happen. They might stare at him too long or move in a strange way. Sadly, Keen is where a lot of my anxiety stems from. He is a bit unpredictable, and that makes my mood unpredictable. I am really pissed off at the program we went through because he was never finished. So, now I have to make do and fix his problems on my own.

This post has kind of turned into a rant. I’m sorry about that. Umm… I am excited about working with the kids about service dogs. Kids seem to follow the service dog rules of conduct much better than adults. They also educate one another too. So when they see another service dog, my hope is that they ask before touching the dog and teach others to do the same too. This experience will be very interesting.


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