First of all, I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas. I myself had a pretty darn good Christmas. Much better than last year. For more reasons than one. 

A couple days before Christmas my HiSET (GED) testing was confirmed for the end of January. The only thing is that I have to take it in a town that is two hours away. The testing center here couldn’t provide the accommodations I needed which wasn’t a lot. I needed to take the test on paper not computer, had to have my time doubled with breaks to let Keen stretch his legs and go potty, and to have a room to myself. The room to myself is not an issue for me, but Keen and I might be a distraction to others testing.

The testing center here couldn’t give me a separate room and couldn’t give me the test on paper. They only give the test one day a month and only on computer. It is absolutely ridiculous. I feel sorry for the other people that have to take three tests in one day and then have to wait to take the next three tests till the next month. The lady who was trying to schedule my test with all the accommodations then tried to go through the college, but they turned us down.

So, she had to go to the town that is two hours away in order to get the proper set up. My grandparents live there so we (my mom and I) will stay with them. My tests are scheduled on the 22nd, 25th, and 26th so we will have to stay there over the weekend. I do not like having to go somewhere unfamiliar to take tests, so I have been preparing to make it easier for me.

I got myself a desk and ordering a hands free leash. I made one for myself out of paracord, but I don’t like how’d he weave comes undone easily. So, until I can either find a different pattern or some way to make it tighter, I am going to have to settle with a store bought leash (I don’t like store bought hands free leashes because they gives Keen too much leash, so I like to make my own with about a foot and a half of leash). 

The desk is for the obvious. I needed a better way to study instead of using my bed. The process of putting the desk together was quite enjoyable. I love Legos, so putting my desk together was like a large Lego set that I couldn’t just take apart and start over. I loved the challenge and it turned out to be successful. Now, I just have to get myself to start studying and I’ll be fine. 


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