The Holiday Rush

For some reason, people want to touch and talk to my dog more often during the holidays. I hate it, of course.everytime I go into a store, it’s like I’m on parade. I here a lot of “Look! It’s a doggy!” And, “Oh my goodness! Look at what he is doing doing!” And of course, “WHAT?! Why is there a dog in the store? We aren’t allowed to bring dogs into stores. Maybe I should start doing that.”

Yes, that last one really irks me. But the other day, all of this unwanted attention was used for good. My mom and I were waiting for my sister to finish checking out by the exit door. A couple seconds later a little four year olde girl jumps on the motor scooters behind us and sees Keen. She leaned over the back of the seat and began to gently pet him. Then she looked up at me and said that she has a dog too and she is really nice.

I then took the opportunity to educate this little girl. I told her that this dog is working. She asked what is his job and I told her that he tells me when I am going to be sick so that I don’t get hurt (I found that to be the simplest way to explain to little kids what he does). I then told her that whenever you see a dog in a store that has a vest on in the store, don’t pet it because he could get distracted. 

Then her seven year old brother came up behind her and looked at Keen. The little girl stopped him from touching him and told him, “This dog has a vest so you can’t pet him. He is working.” The boy then turned to me and asked what his name was. I told him it was Keen and that his name means smart. We then began to explain that when some one says you are smart, it also means you are keen. A couple minutes later my sister came and we left after saying Merry Christmas. 

I love being able to educate little kids about service dogs because most times, they are the ones doing most of the distracting. I also love how when you let one kid about it, it just spreads. She was a very sweet little girl and Keen almost became the problem because he kept sneaking a lick in occasionally. He loves littles kids. When we went to see my little cousins, they were climbing on him and hanging off his neck, but he didn’t care. Now if only I could get him to do that with adults…

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