My new truck!


I got myself a truck! I have been saving $100 to $200 every month for the past two years and have finally found the perfect truck. I have been waiting for the perfect truck to come around and I was beginning to feel discouraged. I was beginning to give up my dream of getting a truck and started looking for a car.But it turns out I didn’t need to be worried. God had it all taken care. The day I scheduled my drive test in January, this truck was posted on Craigslist. It was like he wanted to wait until I was fully committed to getting my drivers license before providing the means to obtain my own vehicle.
It is a two person, long box, Ford Ranger and I love it! It turned out to be two hundred dollars less than the amount I had in my savings, so it worked out perfectly. My dad drove it back to the house when I got it and he said he can’t find a single thing wrong with it. No cracks in the windshield, working heat and AC, good interior, bright lights, and working radio. The only thing that I have found wrong with it is that it doesn’t have cupholders, but that is not a deal breaker for me.

Keen loves it. How can I tell? Well, with every vehicle I have driven/ridden in, he has hated that he can’t see out the windshield when he lays down. In my truck, he can see out the windshield and easily see out the back. Why did I want a truck so bad? I find my anxiety is much worse when I drive with people in the car. I think it’s because I’m afraid that something might happen and we wouldn’t get home safely. So, a regular cab truck won’t leave any room for another person to ride with me when Keen is with me. 

I have driven it to work one time and then to a hardware store with my dad to get traction sandbags to put in the back. I love everything about it! My besties boyfriend guessed right off the bat that I got a Ford Ranger because of it being a small truck. In other words, Ford Rangers are short people trucks and I’m ok with that! 


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