Lots of Socializing

This past week has been surprisingly full of socializing. I have talked about how you are a service dog ambassador when you are in town with your SD in a previous post. I don’t know if it’s because of the holidays or what, but I have been handing out cards left and right for the program ai went through. 

Wednesday was the real busy day. We were checking out at Costco when a gentleman in the line next to us approached me and asked if Keen was a seizure alert dog. I said yes and he got really excited because he apparently has a daughter who is epileptic and has tried everything to get them under control. They had talked about a service dog, but they didn’t know how to go about getting one. So, I gave him a card and told him what the process is like and we went our separate ways. 

We stopped at the food court to get something to eat and another person approached me (while Keen was snoozing under the table) and said how mellow he was. I kind of laughed to myself because he did not start out that way. He said that he is thinking about getting a diabetic alert dog and it is so amazing what they can do. I agreed and he left.

Not a minute later, a lady approached and asked if she heard correctly that Keen is a seizure alert dog. I said yes and then realized I knew her from church about five years ago. She came and sat down with and she was telling me how she has a granddaughter who is suffering from epilepsy and is finding it difficult to participate in school. 

I told her my story and she said that a service dog might be just the thing for her granddaughter, but she didn’t know how to find one. I handed her a card and explained the process to her too. We ended up sitting and chatting for over an hour. I was kind of surprised, but Keen really liked her. That is quite the rare thing when they are strangers, but I think he was kind of feeding off me because I was relaxed. 

Days like that always prove that I have a purpose. As long as I have Keen with me, My job will be to show what a real service dog is like and to help other obtain a dog of their own. I actually ran out of cards so I am going to have to ask for more. A couple weeks ago we had a couple approach us about how they really needed to get a service dog for their four year old son with epilepsy. As soon as I gave them a card, they called Deb. 

I really hope that these people get their dog and that h/she will change their lives the way Keen has changed mine.


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